The gestation period lasts 9 months and 10 days (40 weeks). Within two weeks after the last menstrual period, the egg is released into the tubes to be fertilized. It is extremely difficult to calculate pregnancy according to the date of intercourse. Because it is not known whether the sperm has fertilized the egg on the day of intercourse. In addition, sperm can remain alive in the woman’s body for 3-4 days. Therefore, the sperm cell may be waiting for the egg to arrive before the egg reaches the fallopian tubes. The start date for pregnancy calculation should be the first day of the last menstrual period.


Another method used to calculate pregnancy is the pregnancy calculator.

5-6 weeks of pregnancy: 1 month

8-9 weeks gestation: 2 months

12-13 weeks gestation: 3 months

16-17 weeks gestation: 4 months

20-21 weeks gestation: 5 months

24-25 weeks gestation: 6 months

28-29 weeks gestation: 7 months

32-33 weeks gestation: 8 months

36-37 weeks gestation: 9 months

The end of the 40th week is considered to be 9 months and 10 days.

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