Continuously developing technology; It provides the opportunity to obtain, process and transfer data much faster. every area of life

It is also said that this possibility, which has influenced the classical art, has changed the production methods in a shocking way.

an undeniable fact. The most important result of change; data art, kinetic art etc. digital art, also known as

birth The creation of the work of art with computer techniques, the addition of light and pixels to the color palette; abstraction and

On the way to conceptualization, it opens new doors for the artist.

The festival aims to be a comprehensive platform where the reflections of digital transformation in the field of art in Turkey will be exhibited.

and aims to continue to grow in the coming years.

Purpose of the Festival

Technology has opened the door to new forms and techniques; added light and pixels to the paint sources. Technology is for art

It has gone beyond being a tool and has turned into a medium in which art is produced. The artist uses the technique of his age as a means of production.

used as.

In this direction, the festival aims to combine traditional and digital art; bringing the past and the present together; abstract, conceptual and

facilitating making sense of digital art; broadening the audience for the arts; New horizons for children and young people

is of great importance for its opening.

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