Filyos Health Center

In our Filyos Healthcare Center project under the roof of Healmedy healthcare consultation and management we have 60 personnel,
3 Emergency Medical Services (EMS),1 Patient Transfer Ambulance and 2 emergency health vehicles.
By serving an average of 660 patients per month, it has proven to be an important health center in the region.

Turkish Bariatric Surgery

In our Turkish Bariatric Surgery project, we are working to provide the most accurate health service to our patients who come with the demand for weight loss. The project, which focuses especially on our patients in Europe and Romania region, has a very rapid growth and a significant patient demand.

Gynecology Treatment

In our Gynecology Treatment project, we provide fast and reliable services to our patients with our specialist doctors and healthcare team focused on gynecology and gynecological cancers.

Healmedy Travel

In our Healmedy Travel project, we provide the travel and accommodation needs of our customers both at home and abroad. In this project, which appeals to all audiences from all spectrums, we offer a detailed and full range of services from our customers to flight tickets to hotel tickets, from tour boats to the services they will use while staying.

Burn Unit

Healmedy Healthcare Consultancy and Management Company established a burn unit in Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital to meet the needs of the region. Medical devices and equipment were purchased for the burn unit and the installation was completed in 1 month

Dialysis Center

Healmedy Health Consultancy and Management Company established a dialysis center within the hospital in order to meet the regional need in Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital.