Healmedy Healthcare Consulting and Management was founded in 2019 by an experienced and professional name in health sector, Muhammed Hasan Alemdar.

Muhammed Hasan Alemdar started off with the idea to carry his experience of over 10 years in the sector a step further to international platforms and to give is work on healthcare consulting and management a corporate status. He gathered experienced, qualified, young and passionate people in the sector under the umbrella of Healmedy.

Healmedy gives 24/7 healthcare consulting and management services to international patients. With its innovative perspective of health sector and strong staff, Healmedy achieved great success in a short amount of time.

Healmedy team provides the best healthcare services in Turkey for the best prices to our patients from all over the world. Our patients can communicate with our team in their mother tongues and after they tell us about their health problems, the treatment they need and the required documents (medical report etc.), we start planning the best treatment process with our doctors. We inform our patients about every step of the planning process and take great care of the protection of personal data and information safety principles.

Our patients are treated for affordable prices in contracted hospitals where doctors who are known nationally and internationally work, and which have state of art technological features.

And our patients’ pre and post treatment accommodation is arranges in our contracted 5-star hotels.

Our team members accompany patients who decide to receive a treatment through Healmedy as their attendant and report patients’ status to our headquarters live. Our managers can then track patients’ live status.

Making sure our patients are content both before and after their treatment is the basis of our company policy.


After they get in touch with our team, Healmedy provides patients from around the world with fast and safe high standard treatments for an affordable price.


With an awareness that health is the most important aspect of one’s life, we always provide each of our patients with the most suitable treatment for them and we support our patients at every step starting from the pre-treatment process.