As well as hospital services, we also have deals with 7 prestigious hotels in different cities, particularly in İstanbul and Ankara. In these hotels, we make sure our patients and their attendants are comfortable. Contracted providers offer their services to patients and their attendants with utmost care. Our team of experts meticulously coordinate all services with a people oriented approach and with sincerity and pleasure. Based on this, as another instrument of service, our logistics team performs all patient and attendant transportations with its own air-ground ambulances and VIP vehicles and by meticulously monitoring every step with its qualified team members.

Doctors and Team

We manage all medical processes with qualified healthcare personnel, doctors, and our select team of people who built their career on helping humanity. With our 100-person team of professionals and 200 doctors we work with, we accompany you in this long and rough journey.

We create a treatment space where our patients feel at home away from their home. We stay by the side of our patients through every step of their treatment.

We are here to incorporate health into your life.

Our Patient Oriented Satisfaction Approach and Quality Policy

We perform our healthcare consulting and management services with a patient-oriented approach and a consciousness to meet all needs and expectations completely. With this understanding we always renew our physical equipment, use current information technologies, increase personnel productivity with continuing vocational trainings, and measure our performance periodically to improve ourselves. At Healmedy, we consider giving our patients Healmedy guaranteed medical services of international standards our base priority. In order to give our patients a comfortable and high quality medical experience, we collaborate with hospitals where nationally and/or internationally accredited, world-renowned doctors with JCI Accreditation certificate work. We do not limit our satisfaction approach with right hospital and right doctor. We make sure our patients feel content physically, emotionally and socially. We inform our patients and their attendants about the details of their illness and treatments, we take care of every stage of the medical treatment process, to prevent medical mistakes we never compromise our work discipline, we always answer patients’ questions, and we conduct every step of our job with love. In accordance with our information security and management procedures, we keep any personal and medical information our patients provide us during their treatment confidential. We archive every record about the treatments and give this information to our patients when they are leaving. With our patient-oriented satisfaction approach and quality policies prioritizing patients’ dignity, safety, comfort, and privacy we provide healthcare consulting and management that go beyond expectations. We improve the quality of our services with your feedback and comments.

Contracted Hotels

With contracted hotels of high quality standards, Healmedy team ensures your comfort before and after the treatment.



Our patients from all over the world can get in touch with us by visiting www.healmedy.com or calling 98 49 737 850 90+ to reach our call center. They can ask our patient relations representative any question they have about the illness, or the treatment process to start their treatment.


This process start with our patients sharing their medical information and test results with us. Our specialist doctors will assess patient’s condition in 24 hours and prepare a treatment plan. This plan includes which center the patient will be treated in and the technological information of the devices to be used during treatment, as well as price options. This way patients do not have to search for the most suitable hospital, treatment method and price alternatives. They can choose the treatment plan that fits their budget from various options of treatment centers, the technological devices in these centers and price alternatives.


Our patients can buy their plane tickets themselves or via Healmedy. If their medical condition does not allow for a flight, we transfer our patients to Turkey with air ambulances within our body. Once they arrive in Turkey they are welcomed at the airport by our patient representatives. They are transferred to the hospital where the treatment will take place, or to the hotel by VIP vehicles. All patients are given a GSM line that they can use during their treatment. Hotel reservations for patients are done by Healmedy on their demand and within their knowledge. Patients can buy the accommodation service that fits their budget from among our contracted hotel selection.


All patients are treated in JCI certified hospitals with high medical technology devices and where world renowned doctors work. Transfer from the airport or hotel to the hospital is done by Healmedy team with our own vehicles. Patients do not have any communication problems since an assistant who speaks their language accompanies them. Patients’ treatment is monitored 24/7 by our doctors and team members and support is always there if needed.


Once their treatment process is completed, patients get informed about their after-treatment controls and post operative care and they are discharged from the hospital. Patients are transferred to the airport by the Healmedy team with VIP vehicles for free. Touristic trips can be arranges on patients’ demand. These touristic trips are priced separately.


After our patients leave Turkey, their post treatment care process is monitored by doctors in the Healmedy offices in their countries. Patients can contact our team members about their post treatment care process any time.