Hospital management requires specialization in many areas.For example, for the management of the medical processes of the hospital, it is necessary to master the medical processes and other medical processes; For expense management, it is necessary to be an expert in areas such as cost management, purchasing, etc. For this reason, hospital management consultancy can only be successfully carried out with a team of individuals specialized in different fields. Healmedy includes a management team that has worked in Turkey’s largest health institutions from the general directorate to the group directorates in every field.

1. Budget Management

  • Short and long term revenue planning
  • Integration of expense management and permanent methods
  • Management of the doctor entitlement process
  • Purchase cost analysis according to market conditions
  • Staff productivity and expense analysis
  • Cost analyses

2. Process and Performance Management

  • Establishment of financial and financial systems and management of their performance
  • Constructing medical processes and managing their performance
  • Measuring and managing the efficiency of medical processes
  • Measurement and management of physician performance
  • Planning of nursing and patient care processes
  • Setting up operational processes and managing their performance
    • Patient services
    • Call center
    • Purchase
    • People
    • CRM processes
    • Hospitality services
    • Marketing and sales
    • Medical accounting
    • Technical and biomedical