In a working hospital, it makes a significant difference when an outside expert looks at how things are going. As Healmedy, we examine your hospital with our expert teams in every field you want and offer you a detailed report and road map.

  • We examine the cash flow, billing, income – expense processes of the hospital in detail and make profitability analysis.
  • We identify financially inefficient areas and offer suggestions to increase financial efficiency.
  • By comparing the prices of purchasing materials and services with the prices in the sector, we identify the products that are purchased in high amounts.
  • It examines the invoicing processes in detail; we detect if there is a leak.
  • We monitor regulations on critical issues that pose a risk in hospitals. (Automation systems, emergency alarm systems, etc.)
  • We evaluate the adequacy of HIS software.
  • It examines the entire operation of the hospital operation, from patient services to marketing, from medical processes to purchasing; We identify inefficient areas and offer solutions to increase efficiency and profitability.
  • We examine the medical services in the hospital, identify the problems and make recommendations.