The healthiest way to evaluate how realistic, feasible, sustainable and profitable an idea or project can turn into an investment is through a correct feasibility study to be done about that idea and project. The main purpose of a feasibility study is; to help the final decision makers to make the right decision by examining all aspects of an investment idea and making comprehensive analysis and evaluations in the presence of relevant data and information.

  • Whether it is for a new investment or to expand an existing investment, we ensure that you have information about how economically feasible your investment is with a financial feasibility study. By making benefit and cost analyzes of the planned investment project, we calculate the minimum amount of capital that will be needed for the realization of the project, financial resource planning (equity and external financing) and financing cost, expected return on investment and investment return rate/duration.
  • We analyze the sector to which the investment project belongs with the most up-to-date data. While making this analysis, we evaluate the financial size of the relevant sector, the new investments made in recent years, the company mergers and acquisitions in the sector on a national basis.
  • We believe that it is important to have sufficient information about the current competitive conditions of the sector in which the investment is planned to be made in order to make an investment decision. That’s why we conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis.
  • We examine in detail the legal regulations in the country where the investment will be made.
  • We make a detailed analysis of the target purchasing audience of the produced service in areas such as preference, purchasing power, etc. We offer recommendations at the point of sales pricing, taking into account the costs.
  • We make plans for the departments that should be present in the enterprise, the quality and quantity of the personnel to be employed, the organizational chart, the field of human resources, etc.
  • We analyze and evaluate the risks that the company may encounter by taking into account both global and national developments and expectations, as well as developments and expectations related to the sector in which the investment will be made.