The endoscopic method is the process of injecting approximately 200 IU of botox serum divided into 20 doses into the muscles in the stomach wall. A temporary paralysis of the stomach wall lasting approximately 4-6 months is provided. In this way, the digestion of the person is slowed down and the person feels full for a long time. In addition, since the applied area is made to the fundus section where appetite is secreted, people’s appetite decreases.

+Thus, people feel full with much less food than the portions they eat. This helps the person to lose weight in a healthy and fast way. By performing gastric botox and then applying the programs determined by our dieticians, people lose weight visibly in a short time.

What are the Advantages?

  • If it is applied when you are obese or overweight, it should be seen as a procedure that will help you lose weight with your own efforts within a certain period of time.
  • No incisions are made anywhere in the person during the stomach botox procedure or any permanent changes are not created in the stomach.
  • Since general anesthesia is applied to people during the procedure, people do not feel any pain, and people do not feel any pain or pain after the procedure because there is no place that is cut or sewn.
  • People can easily return to their normal lives, go to work or school after the procedure, except for their diet.

What are the disadvantages?

  • Very rarely, people may feel pain or nausea that does not affect their normal life or even bother them too much.
  • Allergic reactions may occur.
  • It is not applied to patients with serious circulatory problems.

Who Can It Be Applied To?

  • Everyone over the age of 18 who wants stomach botox, which is among the effective weight loss methods, can perform it under the supervision of a doctor. No permanent change is made in the stomach.
  • Since it is not a direct treatment for severe obesity, it is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  • You must have sincerely tried and failed natural weight loss methods such as diet and sports. Stomach botox is not the first weight loss method to be tried.
  • Your body mass index should be below 40. This procedure will not be sufficient for people with very advanced obesity to lose weight. These people need to try different methods.
  • Your body mass index should be between 27-35. Having 10 or 20 kilos more than your required weight is easily eliminated with the realization of stomach botox.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Stomach Botox a Permanent Procedure?
  • Gastric Botox is not a permanent procedure. The effect of the units injected during Botox will decrease over time and will disappear after 4-6 months. For this reason, you should organize your nutrition program and adopt a healthy diet during this period.
  • What should be done for maximum performance of the weight loss process?
  • You should quit your smoking and alcohol habits, if any, up to 2 weeks before the stomach botox at the latest. In order for stomach botox to lose its effect later, you should definitely remove smoking and alcohol from your life.
  • You must comply with the program determined after your operation. Care should be taken to ensure that the foods consumed are nutritious and healthy.
  • Regular nutrition and healthy living should always accompany you. Old habits should be abandoned and unhealthy foods should be avoided.
  • Sugary foods and fast foods should be avoided, and high-carbohydrate and fatty foods that cause weight gain should not be consumed.
  • Sport should be practiced regularly and the normal body mass index reached with the lost weight should be maintained.
  • I have an ulcer or gastritis in my stomach, can I have gastric botox?
  • If you have stomach ulcers or gastritis, these diseases will be treated. After that, the gastric botox procedure will be started.
  • Can I lose weight only with gastric botox?

Performing gastric botox does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight. Gastric botox is a step that will greatly help you lose weight with the decrease in appetite it creates, but the biggest factor is your effort after the procedure. You need to eliminate your old diet and sedentary lifestyle. Since it is possible to regain the weight you have lost, you should be careful not to gain weight again after the botox effect wears off.

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