Why do you think we get hungry? Why is the desire to eat an indispensable part of our lives? Is it because our food smells or looks good?

To get the energy we need?

Or… maybe to distract ourselves and feel happier? Yes, these could all be reasons why we get hungry and want to eat.

Our bodies need energy to function and survive, and they get this energy through food.

Yes, eating is an act of fulfilling our physical needs, but it also has the effect of lifting our spirits.

Therefore, our body,

The desire to eat is associated with two different types of hunger: Physical Hunger and Emotional Hunger.

So what are these types of hunger and what do they mean? Physical hunger is an instinctive phenomenon that ensures that the body gets enough food to function.

But physical hunger is not always behind the desire to eat.

A good place to start is to observe yourself and realize that you may be eating carelessly due to your emotional changes.

You can learn healthier ways to deal with your emotions, avoid triggers, and reduce the amount of emotional eating considerably.

To start distinguishing between physical and emotional hunger, you can keep an eating diary and try to identify your emotions.

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